Warm-up Workshop

—learn a framework for antifragility and performance

Functional movemment is defined as:

... the ability to produce and maintain a balance between mobility and stability along the kinetic chain while performing fundamental patterns with accuracy and efficiency. (1)

This means that the more intense your workout in terms of movement coordination and neuromuscular demand, the more important is your warm-up.

In this workshop, you will learn a practical, researched-backed framework for designing warm-ups that meet the needs of the most demanding warkouts — both in terms of external load and movement complexity.

Your workouts will become more effective, and you will become more injury-proof.


  • the role of the warm-up in preparing the body for exercise
  • what to include, and what not to
  • how a warm-up can become its own workout
  • using the warm-up as a diagnostic tool.

We will give equal attention to practice, theory, and discussion.

(1) Mills, JD, Taunton, JE, and Mills, WA. The effect of a 10-week training regimen on lumbo-pelvic stability and athletic performance in female athletes: a randomized-controlled trial. Phys Ther Sport 6: 60–66, 2005.